The original…ISRAEL. There are few artists today that can wax poetic about their soul’s struggle-to over come babylon and truly sing with wisdom from experience- Ras Daniel is authentic as they come. His epic reggae clutch- “Ras Daniel & The Dessert Lions” primarily known as Israel’s staple dancehall wonders; homegrown in the original ZION an and widely recognized as fusing traditional Rastafarian grooves- with sermoneque sounds- Ras’ music is the kind of reggae still-only reminiscent of the masters from Jamaica.

Stepping out of the shadow of obscurity in the 90’s; and performing for almost 2 decades on the road- Ras Daniel has captivated hundreds of thousands of fans, while supporting many of the Reggae’s greatest talents, including: Simply Red, Ace of Base, The Wailers, Third World, Israel Vibration and Buju Banton, to name a few- even Shaggy asked Ras to do him the honors of supporting Mr. Bombastic’s debut Israeli performance earlier in 2010.

Having headlined the biggest Reggae festivals nationally- including Festival Achziv , Festival Shantipi , Festival Beeresheet , Festival Boombamela, Arad Festival , and Bob Marley festival . Ras Daniel latest cross over- is poised to strike Europe and Asia this summer-

“I studied the lyrics in Reggae from the survivor aspect to the religious aspect, having grown up in the deep south- I was always uncomfortable being the sophisticated atheist I had become- and found in Rasta a way to write the kind of life lesson, sermon type songs that eluded me as a child”- Daniel recalls nostalgically.

His two records have been sold throughout the middle east and Europe, Ras’ last album included Bass master’ Yossi Fine and Paul Castik (Shaggy) on drums- recorded in Marley’s Tuff Gong studio – Kingston, Jamaica- a logical homage in connecting his Israel sound/and vibe to the original source.

Ras Daniel’s music has not been limited solely to live performances and recorded albums- being featured on top television soundtracks as Law & Order- Privileged- and Undercovers , on NBC .

“I’ve done it all and always survived, I named my last album “Life Struggle” which defines my life, in a way- but puts all the pieces together for me and those heard them songs” say Daniel.

The wonderfully unique talent began his journey at birth just before the dawn of the counter culture revolution of the 60’s in Los Angeles, California- son of an African American father and a white Jewish mother, then given up for adoption and taken into and African American family in Harlem NYC until the age of 5- adaptation was nothing new to this wild-child slim framed musician.

Ras Daniel’s musical roots grow deep- eventually he ended up in Austin, Texas- adopted by a Theologian professor-come-Deacon father- and a mother with two PHD’s in music. Of course the quintessential piano lessons started immediately- leading to Ras poised and belting gospel hymns every Sunday morning in the Deacon’s Church-

Being this beautiful mulatto boy- in the deep-white south gave way to his musical discourse for the next period of his life; Ras Daniel recall’s, “it was hard times- being a half white and half black kid in Texas in those days was not easy- there was still school segregation and I was put into an all white 1st grade, and and then an all black 1stgrade and finally to boarding schools”. Ras eventually took his sojourn to the streets of New York- just before his 18th birthday- he found odd jobs as a street performer, motorcycle currier, would-be-dealer for a New York crime family, pantomime, and as a NYU busker- negotiating the drug culture- and barely making it out alive..Rebel with a cause- protoypical all night fusion jams in the park, his guitar, motorcycles, and women- made fodder for the music that would soon come- chalking all that experience up to development!

Finally- in the late 80’s Ras Daniel found himself his rediscovering another side ultimately in the land of Zion- making his permanent home, writing and recording jams that would put his unique sound in front of masses a few years later. Passing days in the fields of Kibbutz (traditional Jewish commune) picking them bananas, and much like Bob Dylan’s short lived stint in Israel- Ras too was asked to leave because he spent more time under the shade of them banana plants wailing on his guitar than anything else.